Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Racial Repercussions

Rio de Janeiro favela
This idea of slavery based on race materialized in Brazil in the 1500s and would meet its demise in 1888 under the Golden Law However, while it was in place it instilled a long lasting class system based on race. This caste system has created racial tension in Brazil that is still present today. One example of this underlying racial tension is the story of Bus 174. 
This is the story of Sandro Rosa do Nascimento, a young man who born in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. At a young age he witnessed the murder of his mother and then became a vagabond on the streets. During this time he witnessed the murder of his friends, street children like himself, by police at the Candelaria church massacre. Sandro's life only went down from there. Failed by the Brazilian system he hijacked Bus 174 on June 12, 2000.
Sandro is proof of the social and economic issues that still plague Brazil today. The majority of these problems stem from racial issues dating back to the introduction of slavery in Brazil. 

Links to Bus 174 documentary parts on YouTube.com below:


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